It's football.
What else matters?
Current Position: 1
Points: 22
Next Fixture: Manchester United (A)
Manchester City
Current Position: 2
Points: 17
Next Fixture: West Ham United (A)
Current Position: 3
Points: 16
Next Fixture: Stoke City (H)
West Ham United
Current Position: 4
Points: 13
Next Fixture: Manchester City (H)
Current Position: 5
Points: 13
Next Fixture: Hull City (H)
Manchester United
Current Position: 6
Points: 12
Next Fixture: Chelsea (H)
Current Position: 7
Points: 11
Next Fixture: Sunderland (A)
Swansea City
Current Position: 8
Points: 11
Next Fixture: Leicester City (H)
Tottenham Hotspur
Current Position: 9
Points: 11
Next Fixture: Newcastle United (H)
Stoke City
Current Position: 10
Points: 11
Next Fixture: Southampton (A)
Hull City
Current Position: 11
Points: 10
Next Fixture: Liverpool (A)
Aston Villa
Current Position: 12
Points: 10
Next Fixture: QPR (A)
Current Position: 13
Points: 9
Next Fixture: Burnley (A)
West Bromwich Albion
Current Position: 14
Points: 9
Next Fixture: Crystal Palace (H)
Leicester City
Current Position: 15
Points: 9
Next Fixture: Swansea City (A)
Crystal Palace
Current Position: 16
Points: 8
Next Fixture: West Bromwich Albion (A)
Current Position: 17
Points: 8
Next Fixture: Arsenal (H)
Newcastle United
Current Position: 18
Points: 7
Next Fixture: Tottenham Hotspur (A)
Current Position: 19
Points: 4
Next Fixture: Everton (H)
Current Position: 20
Points: 4
Next Fixture: Aston Villa (H)

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